Power Over Your Data

Stop letting large companies control your data.

You have FULL rights and ownership to your assets on the Web5 blockchain, Take complete control over your assets.

Self-owned identifiers

The fastest way to authenticate online.

Users will have the ability of authenticating and routing their Web5 assets via a Web5:// identifier within the web5 infrastructure.

Progressive Web Apps

Create self web apps to maximize your presence.

PWAs are already here, but within Web5 apps will have the ability to authenticate and relay messages based on the Self-owned indentifier.

So what's Web5 all about?

This is Web5, a truly decentralized finance tool. Combining the useful parts from Web 3.0 we are creating a whole new financial system which will be supported by Web 5.0 a whole new world of internet, for those who do not understand here is a basic recap Web 2.0 was built on centralized servers which was soon proceeded by Web 3.0 which had been built on decentralized servers including Blockchain servers & peer-2-peer facilities, Web 5.0 is set to replace the current Web 3.0 in March 2023.

Currently on Web 3.0 users have to decided which wallets to use and submit their precious information into giving third parties access to their sensitive information, Web 5.0 will be removing ALL third party apps such as MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Argent & Trust Wallet we have created a self authenticating method to allow your browser to create a self signing wallet directly from your own computer (server).

Web 5.0 will eliminate a huge level of fraud within the Crypto and Finance space, you will finally be able to take control of your OWN assets without having to depend on third parties to protect what is rightfully yours.

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